★Mr. Fotocology™★ - I believe in the colours Life has to offer.

My world is no longer black & white. I believe in the colours Life has to offer.

★Mr. Fotocology™★
2 July 1980
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Suitably complexed and yet subtly balanced.A living contradiction and a walking parodox...an awakening oxymoron and a jerking irony. We dont need the world to validate us.This is the source of my solitude. This is where it leaks from each night, bathing me like a river that irrigates this barren skin river with no mouth, not even a tongue that is pulled by the gravity of memory down to the ashen ocean of regret.Touch it and watch it weep and shudder,like a wound or the eye of the captive who is exhausted,even of words to beg with who has nothing left except his dumb animal love. My sexuality are prisms kept in the dark. How I long to show and be proud of who I am and who I really loved one day. One day. Now I have nobody to write, no one to propound my feelings to,but myself I will have to begin work,on a script for an inner life,without need for love or violence. Love once settled in my heart, before it came to a hurtling close. Love was with me. but only part of the way.